Interactive, multimedia installation inspired by the Netflix usage.
The platform provides possibility to  face swap your friends faces with the TV series Friends characters. In order to not feel lonely or guilty when you are not spending time with your friends while watching TV.
Before this era of Netflix, some people prayed before the sleep with reflections of the day and tried to escape their little problems in extensional peace. Now we quite our minds with the noise from a TV series. Is Netflix our 21st-century religion? Is watching the new episode release is as a praying - where everyone sets the frame of their subconscious thinking.
Soon we are dragged into this parallel world where we start to believe in characters.  It is comfortable to fall in love, go into the future or solve some conspiracy theories while sitting on the couch.  The problem is that we start to distance from reality.
The TV series Friends was released in 1994 and since then it has remained to be one of the most successful TV shows. Most of the people have seen it more than 10 times and yet everyone watches it. It doesn’t grow old. Moreover, this year Netflix paid $100 million to continue licensing the program from its owner.