Eindhoven / Enschede


VR experience that  which illustrates a future scenario where robots could integrate into human society.
Robots don’t have a childhood and they don’t grow old.

The project creates conceptual possibility for robots which are controlled by artificial intelligence to assimilate with humans. To do so they will apply human memories and identities to their system using the frozen people resources.
Frozen Brain introduces the possibilities of today’s science by showing the parallel realities, referring to The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, where already 156 people have froze the selves before the death and Human Brain Project, where scientist are trying to map and simulate the brain neuron network.
Most importantly the project asks how we want to position ourselves within upcoming changes and growing new possibilities. We shape the reality with our choices. Do we want to erase the whole content of our brain or maybe try to preserve/ freeze it for any kind of use in the future?
There are three brains inside the freezer. Each brain is connected to another VR set by a cable. The experience uses filmed, 360 degrees videos that represents human memories.
We decided to use three brains to highlight the spectrum of personalities. In order to place the visitors into robot perspective and make them wonder which memory they would like to buy for themselves.